This is in reference to reports about political insanity, the seditious calls for extra judicial intervention, by certain irresponsible elements within opposition and equally irresponsible role of party in power. People elect a government to deliver, to provide them basic needs such as health, education, clean drinking water and security of life and property. There is no rocket science involved in delivering good governance, all that is needed is to restore rule of laws, not of men! Public interest is served when there is law and order, justice is provided and basic human rights and needs are met.

Other than in Singapore, where an elected civilian dictator, with impeccable record of integrity, succeeded in developing his country, no nation in the world has prospered under military dictatorship. Lee Kuan ensured strong powerful institutions with regulatory controls to build a financially powerful and self reliant city state. The only solution for a defective democracy, is more democracy with strong civilian institutions, an independent judiciary and focus on development as well as the will to implement law and order and remove the cancer of corruption.


Lahore, July 9.