LAHORE  - Arsalan Iftikhar, son of former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, has said that Imran Khan concealed the information about his daughter , Tyrian Jade Khan White, while submitting his nomination papers to the Election Commission of Pakistan.
He said: “Tyrian is the daughter of Imran Khan without wedlock and he concealed this fact by not mentioning it in his nomination papers.” Addressing a press conference in the provincial capital on Friday, Arsalan stated that he came to know about it after getting a certified copy of his nomination papers.
“I would also get a copy of form ‘B’ from Nadra to know whether he admitted in the Nadra record that Tyrian was his daughter ,” said Arsalan . He said politicians were role model for young generation, but Imran by such acts had lost his credibility. He further said he was fighting for the rights of Tyrian and it was a war of truth. Arsalan said he would file a reference and take it to its logical end.
Imran Khan abused him and his father on television channels, calling him a billionaire, he added. “I have only a 2007 model car,” Arsalan said.
To a question, he said his father would soon answer the allegations levelled against him and added he had tried to tackle his matters on his own, but since his father was also a Pakistani national, he must know what was going on.
He sought Imran Khan’s resignation, asking him to answer his allegations. Arsalan made it clear that his decision to file a reference against Imran had nothing to do with his long march. He questioned why Imran Khan had flown to London; he should have talked to me face-to-face. He revealed a legal team was working on preparation of a reference against Khan.
At the end, Arsalan provided copies of declaration of Imran Khan in which he had declared Carolina as guardian of his daughter , Tyrian. He said Imran Khan had sent a declaration to the court of UK on November 18, 2004, in the petition filed by Carolina for custody of Tyrian. In the declaration, he had supported the petition, expressing no objection over Carolina’s taking custody of Tyrian.