LAHORE- Information Minister Pervez Rasheed has stated that former PM Gillani’s statement regarding the deal with Musharraf was wrongly quoted by the media.

Rasheed added that former President Asif Ali Zardari discussed Musharraf’s issue and agreed to give him safe passage during the Bhurban meeting.

On the issue of Article 245, the Minister said that the authority given to the army was in accordance with the constitution . According to him, it is the government’s duty to provide all equipment to the armed forces as well as the constitutional umbrella to perform their duty to safeguard the country.

Rasheed said the army is busy in the war against terror and criticizing the authorization of the army by article 245 is equivalent to supporting the terrorists.

Regarding Imran Khan’s proposed long march and Qadri’s revolution; he proclaimed that the U-turns made the two leaders quite recognizable to the nation, adding that Qadri’s past was no more hidden.

On the matter of the power cut, the Minister informed that the government was utilizing every possible resource to generate more electricity.