While the rich mostly corrupt, squander money on clothes, jewelry and shoes for Eid and enjoy shopping, they forget the millions who have nothing. Children who don’t get even have one new pair of shoes all year long. While us, the elite, the rich, and the corrupt buy four more pairs when we already have cupboards bulging with new shoes. Ramzan, is a time for giving and sharing.While wearing expensive branded clothes, we tend to forget those who are poor and destitute, those who are ill and in pain who don’t have anything to eat or to wear.We must all make a joint effort to join hands and eradicate poverty. Poverty and Islam cannot survive in the same atmosphere.After all doesn’t Islam teach us to share? We have to change our thinking. We must further educate ourselveson our religion. We must step forward and share our blessings.


Karachi, July 9.