Islamabad - Central leader of All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Association Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha Saturday said that the CNG stations would remain open round-the-clock across Punjab during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays. “After the holy month of Ramazan, CNG will be available round-the-clock during Eid holidays and afterwards aims at providing relief to transporters and masses,” he said in a press release issued. He said CNG stations across the province reopened from July, 11 after a two-day delay due to a “technical glitch at the port.” Earlier, the outlets were scheduled to start working from July, 8.

During Ramazan, he said, CNG would remain closed for one hour at the Sehri time and two hours at Iftar time, adding that the facility of the fuel that was considered 28 per cheaper than petrol would be available for 21 hours a day and throughout the announced schedule. Paracha said; “CNG is 28 per cent cheaper than petrol while further efforts are underway to make the fuel more affordable.”

He said availability of CNG across the province would reduce long queues and help decrease petrol consumption, bringing the country’s oil import bill down.

Paracha was of the view that increased use of CNG would also reduce environmental pollution, adding that the fuel which was ‘economical and clean’ must be promoted by all the stakeholders.