Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, the US first family, led by the President, is seen serving dinner or lunch to homeless people. Similarly all across Europe, Asia, Australia and American continent the ruling political elite and opposition parties are seen to be involved in symbolic gestures on important religious festivities. In Arab countries and rest of the Muslim world, stretching from Far East, Africa to Bosnia, the heads of state always celebrate Eid in their countries. Thousands of our expatriates working in Gulf, Middle East etc pay a premium to travel back home, in spite of their meager resources, to celebrate Eid with their families.

It is unfortunate to see disconnect between rulers and ruled, even on occasions like Eid. As Eid nears, our ruling elite, both in power and opposition would be flying out of Pakistan to celebrate with their families living abroad. For them Pakistan is an ideal country to rule but not a place to be called home, for themselves or their families.

They will head to their new found adopted homes to spend Eid with their sons and daughters living there in palatial villas. Emotions like patriotism is replaced with their love for huge assets, located in their adopted places of residence. This disconnect gives birth to discontent of the masses which can be very dangerous.


Lahore, July 1.