Islamabad - Annual Fundraiser Iftar held at Islamabad Club on Friday night to raise funds to impart free and quality education to the marginalised children living in the slums of the twin cities.

This is Renaissance Pakistan’s second effort to raise funds for the three schools within the slums of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Renaissance Pakistan is a nonprofit which aims to impart free and quality education to the marginalised children living in the slums of the twin cities. Founded in 2011, a group of motivated students started this initiative and bring hope in the form of education to the forgotten community of the refugees.

Currently these schools accommodate a total of more than 200 children with free education. Two of them are located in the ‘katchi abadi’ in I-11 across Metro. The third, and the newest (developed this year) is located at Raja Bazaar in Rawalpindi. The funds gathered from the event will be used to improve the curriculum of the school, infrastructure, and faculty as well as school operations. One of the prime reasons for this fundraiser was to gather funds to increase the intake of students, as many are waiting to be enrolled in the junior grades.

The event started off with an introduction of Renaissance Pakistan and their projects in the twin cities. Confident and talented students of the schools perform poems and a Naat. A documentary was also played for the guests that encompassed the importance of educating the unprivileged students, the operational functionality of schools, Renaissance Pakistan’s achievements and plans for the future. Later in the evening, the chief guest Dr. Tariq Mustafa, a renowned nuclear scientist shared his thoughts of the occasion.

The evening closed with the high achievers of the schools being awarded with shields to commemorate their performance of their previous academic years. The guests were handed with file covers made by the students themselves as a token of appreciation. Many of the guests pledged support, monetary as well as on a personal basis to support the cause at hand.

The mission of this effort by some of the students of the capital is to spread education to new areas, said one of the member of Renaissance Pakistan Niddal Bin Tahir. “We believe that education is a mean to empower oneself and it should be a right of every infant child growing in our beloved country. In the future we plan to increase in our already existing schools and reach out to far flung areas. This fundraiser is a gesture to meet people who share our vision and will help us carry forward this dream that no child should be devoid of knowledge, for that is where our future lies”.