Islamabad - This time again during summer vacation, the teachers of Islamabad Model College for Girls I-8/4 have been made bound to volunteer themselves for the odd jobs like supervision of security affairs, whitewashing, maintenance/repair of the building, cleanliness, washing of classrooms, cutting of grass, which are not part of their service but the college administration.

The teachers are asked to arrange conveyance for themselves which is an extra burden on their pockets as no conveyance allowance is paid to them by the AGPR during summer vacation.

Every college has a non-teaching staff that is responsible for such activities and work under the supervision of an admin officer whose job is to supervise all such activities. But in this particular case, teachers have been asked to do what is not part of their job. The teachers felt uncomfortable and victimised in the name of college uplift duties.

A lecturer from senior section of the college told The Nation that the college principal has retired a few weeks back and they have been assigned duties by the vice principal. “All the administrative staff like vice principal, headmistress and other nonteaching staff get 48 days earned leave in a year but we, the teachers, are denied not only conveyance allowance during summer vacations but also a right of 48 days earned leave as per government leave rules,” she complained. “Surprisingly, the headmistress who should be on duty never comes during summer vacation but draws conveyance allowance. Contrary to that the female teachers who have been compelled to perform duty in place of headmistress are not paid any conveyance allowance,” lamented a teacher working in junior section of the college.

The families of the teachers too suffer here because most teachers of the college in question have school going kids that because of summer holidays stay home and the teachers forced to perform duty cannot afford leaving children unattended at home particularly in the current circumstances of uncertainty. This situation pushes them into hard times as they are forced to stay away from their homes while their kids are at homes.

Many teachers who come from Lal Kurti, Tench Bhatta, Soan Garden, Sector-O Lalazar etc are facing transport problems. They have to afford high fare as their college does not help them with any sort of help and support which should alleviate their financial concern that are byproduct of their forced volunteer job. “We always go extra mile for our institution and students but if it creates serious issues and problems for teachers and their families, then the decision must be reconsidered because a mentally disturbed and victimised teacher cannot deliver any good results,” remarked a teacher. She further urged the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) to take notice of this situation and make the responsible people do their job during summer vacation and the teachers that cannot volunteer themselves should not be compelled to do these extra job. “If the vice principal and headmistress enjoy what is not entitled to them, it will simply demoralise the teachers further,” objected another teacher.

Director Model Colleges at FDE Dr Tariq Maood, however, maintained that supervisory role is assigned to teachers in most of the educational institutions but they should be paid conveyance allowance. Summer breaks are for students and colleges are not closed altogether. “Teachers in groups are called on duty often for various assignments such as repair work, admissions and other activities,” he added. The director said; “those who have been denied conveyance allowance should apply for it and they will be paid in accordance with the government rules.