According to latest forecast another heat wave is going to strike Karachi and Sindh, where people are still recovering from the previous heat wave. That heat wave bought to the surface the yet another example of apathetical behavior of our government. There were more than 1300 officially reported deaths in Karachi. People suffered not only from heat stroke but also an in component government. During the period of heat wave there was an extreme shortage of not only electricity but also water.

The situation became really horrendous when the relatives of the dead had to suffer shortage of ambulances in the city, even though Eid has the world’ biggest ambulance service, according to Guinness world record. The unfortunate also had to face shortage of beds in hospitals and then in the morgue. The greedy grave diggers and the high grave prices added to their woes. People, instead of grieving were busy figuring out how to prevent their bodies from decaying.

No member of the government cared to visit any hospital or to provide any kind of help to these serious issues. Keeping in view such impassive and callous behaviour of government towards its citizen we can assume what this heat wave will bring, the even more disastrous condition of the city.


Karachi, July 1.