LAHORE - The anti-Pakistan forces are not hidden and everyone knows who is cutting roots of the country. No word about disputed Kashmir by the Premier Nawaz Sharif in the Brics meeting was sorrowful act.

These views were expressed by speakers at a seminar on "Role of anti-Pakistan powers and anticipated threats to World peace" held at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) on Saturday.

Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali (former foreign minister) presided over the seminar while speakers include Mian Saifur Rehman, Salman Ghani and Sohail Ahmad Gowindi.

HNPIP director Absar Abdul Ali, while highlighting the topic, said Pakistan is a rich country with lot of resources hidden underground besides intellectual class but the homeland is far from economic sustainability and political maturity. He held India is friend of our foes, considers disputed Kashmir as its integral part, and organises terrorism in the country.

Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali said the leadership of Pakistan is incompetent and lacks any framework.

Salman Ghani said the war on terror was an outcome of 9/11 attacks. Whenever Pakistan faced a danger, the US refused to support, he said, adding India is our real enemy.

He said it would be a loss to Nawaz Sharif not to mention Kashmir in the talks with his Indian counterpart.

Mian Saif ur Rehman said that everyone knows who is damaging Pakistan and the need is to counter the country’s enemies.

Farrukh Sohail Gowindi stressed the need of facing enemies and to follow the western tricks as both Iqbal and the Quaid comprehended, a century ago.