LAHORE - The Lahore General Hospital’s management has prepared duty roster for AMS, DMSs, doctors, nurses and other staff for ensuring provision of healthcare facilities to patients during Eid holidays. The OPD will remain closed from July 17-21 and its staff would perform duties at Emergency and other wards.

Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute/LGH Prof Khalid Mahmood has said the days off of sanitary workers and security guards in all three shifts have been cancelled during Eid days. AMS Administration and Nursing Superintendent will not be authorised to allow leave to their subordinates during these days, he added.

He also directed the administrative doctors to remain vigilant and keep a close eye on the duties of guards. They will also be responsible for the provision of medical facilities to patients in all wards in addition to monitor the staff, he said.

Prof Khalid urged Medical Social Officer to specially cater the needs of poor and needy patients during these holidays and initiate prompt action in case of any complaint. He also ordered the staff to take precautionary measures against dengue and adopt high standard of cleanliness.