Protests were held as three women were gang raped in Jhang while two women in village Nawa Pind-Saabo Mahaar, Pasrur tehsil on Saturday.

Four accused including Faisal and Tayyub forcibly kidnapped a young girl when she was going to buy some commodities from a shop. The accused took her to nearby Haveli where they forcibly gang raped her at gun point. Later, the accused fled away after considering her dead due to her critical condition. She was admitted to Pasrur THQ Civil Hospital where he condition was stated to be critical.

Pasrur Saddar police have registered a case against the accused after the strong protest by the grieved family with no arrest so far. The grieved family said that the accused were influential and Pasrur police were reluctant to arrest them.

The family added that instead of arresting the rapists, the Pasrur police were forcing and harassing the gang rape victim and her family for patch-up with the accused.

The family has urged Punjab Chief Minister Sharif, Inspector General of Police Punjab Sukhera and DPO Rai Ejaz to ensure early arrest of the rapists to provide justice to the victim.

In village Chhabeelpur-Motra, accused Ahmed forcibly raped her neighbour after storming into her house.

In Jhang, vagabonds raped three young girls forcibly. Accused Amjid and Khalid, residents of Mauza Kot Sai Sing in the remit of Satellite Town Police, abducted her and took her to an unknown place where they raped her forcibly.

In another case happened in Chak 258-JB in the remit of Mochiwala Police, accused Aamir raped the wife of labourer. In another, a vagabond raped a married woman. Noor, a resident of Chak 233-JB in the remits of Mochiwala Police, submitted a complaint that accused Khalid has raped his wife Sajida forcibly.