The fallout of climate change, such as the increasing number of unusual and extreme weather conditions and glacial melt, is already in evidence across the globe. Unfortunately, Pakistan will also be among the countries hit hardest by climate change. In such an alarming situation, the grant of rupees two billion for the Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Programme is a welcome step for the revival of forestry and wildlife resources of the country.  

As per the plan, a total of 105 million trees will be planted across the country under the five-year Green Pakistan Programme which will cost Rs 10 billion. The programme is of utmost importance as it will not only pave the way for socio-economic development of the country but also help cope with climate change induced disasters particularly floods, landslides, cyclones etc. As the weather is becoming ever more erratic with each passing day, increasing the frequency of cyclones and storms, the need for such programmes is essential to stop climate change phenomenon.  

It is hoped that the programme will be implemented in its true letter and spirit not only to conserve existing forests but also to bring more trees through community participation. 


Lahore, June 9.