According to a news report, as many seats were not available on PIA’s regular flights a dedicated aircraft had to be deputed to fly to London and bring back the PM and his entourage from there. A couple of questions come to one’s mind. If the PIA had no seats, were all other commercial airlines flying to Pakistan also totally booked? Why could the PM and his entourage not fly back piecemeal on different flights obviating the need for a dedicated aircraft to enable them to fly together? If a plane had at all to be sent from Pakistan why could it not carry any passengers to London and thus somewhat reduce the extraordinary expenditure and loss being incurred to the PIA on this account? Lastly, one simply marvels at the true democratic spirit of the PM that even he cannot find a seat or two and that too on the PIA 

He certainly beats David Cameroon who was recently seen all over the social media commuting in the Tube to his office, leaning against its closed doors and reading his morning paper as he couldn’t find a seat to sit into. 

Pakistan Zindabad. 


Rawalpindi, July 10.