LAHORE (PR) - The Lahore Police Operations Wing has showed excellent results during the month of June, said a press release.

The wing arrested 157 members of 58 gangs and 121 cases have also been traced against them while more than 7.6 million recovered from them. The monthly report showed 113 POs & 733 CAs also arrested.  DIG Operations Shehzad Akbar directed his team to implement the National Action Plan and to utilise their full energies to curb crime.  The press release added that in June, 231 cases were registered against 237 accused of having illicit weapon and police also recovered 01-Kalashankove, 08-rifles, 11-guns, 241-revolvers & pistol’s, 06 daggers and 1373 bullets from their possession.  During the action against drug-dealers, 376 cases were registered and 389 culprits were arrested and 17kg 270grm heroine, 72kg 181grm chars, 620grm opium and 13217 bottles of liquor recovered from them. Moreover, 52 cases were registered against gamblers and 317 accused arrested and also recovered betting amount more than five lacs. In the same period during the special crackdown 419 cases were registered against 704 culprits on the violation of law.