Nothing will change for people of Pakistan unless economy improves, money laundering curtailed and direct taxes levied on income, to generate enough finances to fund welfare and invest in human resource development and socio economic reforms. Irrespective of which political party manages to form federal government, the permanent commercial interests of three major cartels are ensured because they have successfully managed to penetrate and consolidate their hold on all major political parties. These three cartels are (a) powerful land Developers and Real Estate Mafia; (b) Sugar cartel; and latest entry (c) Energy and Power Producers Group with billions guaranteed courtesy capacity Payment Agreements. 

Mere promises of change by relatively new entrants or apologies by those who have held power and neglected their constituents for past five years will not boost economy, nor increase exports and generate finance to invest on welfare of people and improving our human resources. No country can develop or safeguard its sovereignty without economic self sustainability and investing in most vital asset of a nation- its human resources. State revenues generated from directly taxing income and boosting exports, will prevent exponential rise in inflation and lessen widening gap between rich and poor, preventing poor and neglected susceptible to be exploited by our known external enemies. 

The naïve and simple folks, who form vast majority of population, are so easy to be led into Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, playing religion card, exploiting ethnicity and promising them the moon. Unless economy changes for better, nothing will change in essence, except faces. Powerful vested interests may continue to triumph and benefit at expense of people and what constitutes real collective national interest of 120 million people of this country. 


Lahore, June 19.