On getting into the semi-finals, England fans took over social media with high hopes and excitement. 

The last time England Football Team got into the semi-finals was in 1990 but lost to West Germany on penalties. And 28 years later, making their way through the quarter finals, into the semis was a massive accomplishment for the lions.

"It's coming home" 

A phrase that was heard coming out from every English fan and used all over social media with high expectations that "It", the trophy, was coming "home", England. 

However, all the hype and exhilaration that had taken over was fused out with their defeat by Croatia on Wednesday in the semi-final. 

And this gave the people from around the world to step into the field of social media and make the best of the phrase "It's coming home".

Might want to rethink...

And it seems like some people were tired of hearing the English fans with their chants:

Nice cover up: