­MULTAN-Senior PML-N leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi claimed on Wednesday although election would be held in transparent manner on July 25 as the result of the election had already been decided.

“Imran Khan will be with us on container six months after the elections, screaming for democracy,” he anticipated while addressing a news conference here at his residence. He added that four of five big political parties including PML-N, PPP and ANP would be on container a few months after the election and Imran Khan would join them. He said that today Imran Khan is making his all-out efforts to become Prime Minister but everyone is well aware of the character of the establishment. He said that only those candidates would win election, who are supported by the establishment. “Instead of staging such elections, the establishment should directly nominate people for selection,” he suggested. He said that there would be no rigging on July 25 as the desired results of holding these elections had already been achieved. He said that the candidates are afraid of the Agriculture Department as they need their certificate. He said that the final and most sensitive phase of election has begun and next two weeks were very important for nation.

He said that some parties always needed support from the establishment to contest election. “Where are those electables today who were with Musharraf and Q-League ?” he posed a question. He said that everyone knew that 1970 elections were not impartial, adding that Awami League gave complete votes to Sheikh Mujeeb and ho got majority but Bhutto wanted to constitute his government which resulted into disintegration of Pakistan. He maintained that whenever generals were imposed on the country its borders got squeezed. “But no action was taken against these generals. Instead Akbar Bugti was brought out of caves and killed. His crime was that he got annexed Gwadar to Pakistan after nine year struggle,” he claimed. He said that Air Martial Asghar Khan had rightly said that army generals used to put all of their misdeeds to politicians’ account.

He said that it is astonishing that some unseen powers would activate NAB before every election. He said that NAB is the institution which failed to give even a single decision accepted either by High or Supreme Corut.

He said that he respected Chief Justice a lot as he had expressed his resolve to construct dam. “This task should have been done by the government. Now if Chief Justice is going to do it, I’d suggest he should be made prime minister,” he suggested. He said that the Chief Justice could have issued order for the construction of dam but he gave his salary as charity for the construction, sought charity from the nation and took the entire nation on board.

He declared that he would go to Lahore to receive Nawaz Sharif. “I’ll ask all political parties to welcome Nawaz Sharif because it is not the issue of Nawaz Sharif rather it is the issue of democracy,” he asserted. He said that though Nawaz Sharif and Maryam knew they would be jailed, still they are coming to Pakistan. He said that giving call to the workers to come to Lahore was democratic right of Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nawaz Sharif should speak out on his accountability because people are not happy with the NAB verdict.

He said that Qamarul Islam’s 12 year old son might defeat Ch Nisar. He said that Haroon Bilor was martyred at the same spot where his father Bashir Bilor was martyred during previous election which was highly regrettable and condemnable. He said that it was a conspiracy against democracy.



Commissioner Multan Division Nadeem Irshad Kiyani has said that water and health have a strong correlation and therefore the deputy commissioners of all districts of Multan division have been directed to ensure that all water filtration plants in their districts are properly functioning.

Chairing a meeting held here in connection with the functioning of water filtration plants here on Wednesday, the commissioner said that contaminated water the major reason behind outbreak of diseases like gastro and hepatitis. He said that it was the responsibility of the administration to supply clean drinking water to the citizens. He disclosed that the water produced by the filtration plants was examined by third party while a number of plants had been given under the supervision of philanthropists.

He stressed upon more philanthropists to step forward and take responsibility of water filtration plants. “It will help produce more clean drinking water for more citizens. It will also help control disease outbreak which would eventually cut burden from local hospitals,” he added.

The commissioner directed deputy commissioners to assign duties to officers for checking plants and submitting reports on weekly basis. He warned that action would be taken against concerned officer if the plant assigned to him was found non-functional, under occupation of irrelevant persons or its filters were not replaced on time.

Briefing the commissioner on this occasion, MD Wasa Mushtaq Khan said that 33 plants are being run in Multan by Wasa and 65 others by donors. He disclosed that 24 more plants would be handed over to the philanthropists very soon.