High-yielding garlic seed developed

2018-07-12T02:15:55+05:00 Atif Khan

ISLAMABAD  -  National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Wednesday announced developing a new variety of high yielding garlic seed.

The declaration was made after the committee members approved the new variety of NARC-G1.

According to scientists the variety was picked up from wild and after long evaluation it has been found fit to be sowed throughout the country. The project was initiated in 2008-09. It has shown a wide range of adaptability in KP, Punjab and in Balochistan due to long cold climate it has shown tremendous results, said Dr Taj Nasib Khan.

He said that the garlic variety was approved after finding satisfactory resistance from pest and virus attacks. Dr Khan said the new garlic seed has shown a yield of 24000 kg per hectare. He said after the approval of the committee the seed will be available for general public consumption in coming years.

"Presently we have around 3000 high quality seed available with us and farmers can obtain samples from Vegetation Department at the rate of Rs500 per kilogram, said another official Humayun Khan.  He said for one acre around 800 kg seed is required. In coming years, this seed will be commercially available on lower prices, he said.

The officials said that the seed was approved after all the parameters for yield and yield components were found outstanding.

Main features of the variety were presented by Noor Alam Khan National Coordinator Horticulture PARC and detail data was presented by the principal breeder Humayun Khan.

Presently, Pakistan is spending huge amount on garlic import due to higher demand and low yield potential of existing garlic varieties in the country. Around 34375 tonnes of garlic are imported from China.

The scientists claim that the new variety named is the highest garlic variety among all the existing garlic varieties in Pakistan. The quality was found superior and the variety gives 24 tonnes per hectare yield.


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