­SIALKOT-The disgruntled leaders of both the PML-N and PTI as independent candidates have started flexing their muscles claiming to give a hard time to their parties’ nominees in the general elections.

In NA-72 constituency, PTI’s dissatisfied leader Mian Naeem Javaid us contesting the elections as independent candidate with his electoral symbol of Bucket against PTI’s Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan after remaining unable to get the party ticket. Likewise, also PTI’s leader Chaudhry Ameer Hussain, who remained to get PTI ticket is openly supporting the independent candidate instead of Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan.

Naeem has been former Sialkot District Nazim and former president of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). He claimed to give tough time to PTI’s candidate Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan and PML-N’s candidate Armughan Subhani in the constituency. Total 10 candidates are in election race in this constituency.

In PP-35 constituency, PML-N’s leader Malik Ziyafat Ali Awan, the former vice chairman of Sialkot District Council, is contesting the polls as an independent candidate with his election symbol Bucket against PML-N candidate Rana Arif Iqbal Harnah.

PTI’s Mian Abid Javaid is contesting with his election symbol Jeep against PTI candidate Mirza Dilawar Baig after remaining failed to get PTI ticket. They are flexing their political muscles and said that they would give tough time to both PML-N and PTI candidates.

In PP 38, PTI’s Tahir Mehmood Hundali is contesting as independent candidate (Bucket) against PTI candidate Saeed Ahmed Bhalli.

PTI leadership did not give party ticket to Tahir Mehmood due to which he is contesting PTI and harming local PTI vote bank.

In Pasrur city’s NA-74 constituency, former MPA Ch Munawar Ali Gill, after remaining unable to get party ticket, is contesting as independent candidate (Bucket) against PML-N candidate Ali Zahid Hamid, the son of Zahid Hamid, the former federal law minister.

Likewise, Muhammad Asif Bajwa Olympian (Scooter) and Barrister Mansur Sarwar Khan (Jeep) remained failed in getting PTI tickets and now are contesting as independent candidates. They are a threat to Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas, the former PPP leader in NA-74 and the PTI vote bank. Total eleven candidates are in the electoral race.

In Pasrur tehsil’s PP 39 constituency, the PML-N’s former MPA Rana Liaqat Ali, the president of PML-N Germany, is contesting as independent candidate (Bucket) against PML-N’s candidate Mirza Altaf Hussain, president of PML-N Saudi Arabia. Rana Liaqat Ali is harming the PML-N vote bank.

However, Rana Liaqat Ali is proving himself as a strong candidate. He is giving tough time to PML-N’s Mirza Altaf Hussain. Liaqat is likely to clinch the seat as an independent candidate, said political observers.

PTI’s Dr Tanveerul Islam, former PPP provincial minister, who also remained failed in getting PTI ticket, is contesting as independent (Scooter) against PTI’s candidate Saif Ali Khan, who belongs to Narowal district’s tehsil Zafarwal.

Both PML-N and PTI were seem to be in weak position in PP-39 as independent candidate Rana Liaqat Ali, former MPA, is in a strong position to win the seat. Total 15 candidates are contesting in the constituency here.

In Daska city’s NA-75 constituency, , Usman Khalid is contesting as an independent candidate (Basket) against PML-N’s candidate Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah and PTI’s candidate Ali Asjad Malhi, the PML-Q backed former state minister. The rival candidates have alleged that Usman Khalid belonged to a financially strong family and was distributing money with his open hands to the local people to win the polls during his corner meetings in Daska city and its surroundings.

They urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take a quick notice of wealth distribution as it was an open violation of ECP’s election code of conduct. Total 11 candidates are in the race.

In PP 42, PTI disgruntled leader Ziaullah Khara, after remaining unable to get PTI ticket, is contesting as an independent candidate (Basket) against PTI’s candidate Ch Sadaqat Ali against PTI candidate harming the PTI vote bank in the constituency of Daska city. PTI candidate Ch Sadaqat Ali’s younger brother Mumtaz Ali, former MPA is also contesting as independent candidate (Scooter) against his elder brother Ch. Sadaqat Ali, the PTI candidate.

Daska-based former MPA Asif Bajwa dropped out by PML-N leadership while awarding ticket is contesting as an independent candidate (Jeep)against the local PML-N candidate Mian Zeeshan Rafiq.