LOS ANGELES-Taylor Swift’s songwriting has never been ‘complicated’.

The 28-year-old singer loves the fact that the ‘’inexplicable moments’’ of inspiration that come to her haven’t changed since she found success, even though other parts of her work and life have grown increasingly more complex.

She said: ‘’There are definitely moments when it’s like this cloud of an idea comes and just lands in front of your face, and you reach up and grab it.

‘’A lot of songwriting is things you learn, structure, and cultivating that skill, and knowing how to craft a song.

‘’But there are mystical, magical moments, inexplicable moments when an idea that is fully formed just pops into your head.

‘’And that’s the purest part of my job. It can get complicated on every other level, but the songwriting is still the same uncomplicated process it was when I was 12 years old writing songs in my room.’’

The ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ singer - who is dating Joe Alwyn and has previously been romantically linked with the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Lautner, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal - is known for her confessional lyrics and has taken aim at former lovers in her songs. However, she admitted there are some people that she just ‘’couldn’t’’ write about because they haven’t inspired her at all.

Interviewing Pattie Boyd for the upcoming new issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she said: ‘’I don’t know what it is that makes some people really creatively inspiring. There have been people I’ve spent a lot of time with who I just couldn’t write about... It’s just that some people come into your life and they have this effect on you.’’