OKARA-A tight election competition is expected in NA-144 between former Punjab chief minister Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo, as independent candidate, and former MNA Moeen Khan Wattoo.

In the general election 2013 Mian Moeen contested election on PML-N tickets for national and provincial assemblies and defeated Manzoor Wattoo and his son Mian Khurram Jahangir Khan Wattoo in federal and provincial seats. Later, Moeen vacated provincial seat, which was won by Mian Khurram Jahangir Wattoo. However, the election history was set that Mian Moeen Wattoo had defeated father and son on federal and provincial seat at the same time.

As PML-N MNA Mian Moeen Khan Wattoo accomplished various development works including construction of grid stations at Haveli Lakha, Basirpur, Mandi Ahmadabad and ensured electric supply to the far-off areas. He also ensured the construction of roads and other development works in the constituency. Manzoor Wattoo who himself had been the most experienced politician was virtually not deemed to be defeated by Mian Moeen Khan Wattoo in 2013 elections. Now again Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo stands against Mian Moeen Khan Wattoo in the general elections 2018 as independent candidate, whereas his son Mian Khurram Jahangir Khan Wattoo is contesting election on PTI ticket in PP-186, and his daughter Robina Shaheen Wattoo in PP-185. Mian Manzoor had long political history. He is renowned politician of Pakistan.

Actually he had allied himself with the PTI very silently.