LONDON - Former prime minister and PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday that mission for sanctity of vote would not stop whether he was jailed or hanged till death.

Addressing Workers’ Convention in London, he said that whether he was taken to prison or gallows, he would not stop now and return to country in all circumstances.

Sharif said he was returning to the country leaving his wife Kalsoom in Allah’s protection. He said that he wished to see his wife opening her eyes and regain senses, requesting the nation to pray for her recovery.

The PML-N supremo said that he was returning “despite seeing a prison cell in front of him.”

“I am returning to fulfill the promise of giving respect to vote,” Nawaz said, adding that he would not abandon his nation.

Commenting on the verdict of Avenfield reference, the former premier noted that it was written in the verdict that Nawaz had been absolved of corruption charges.

“It had to be written in the verdict that no evidence of corruption could be found against me,” he said.

“Is there any Pakistani whose three generations had to face such sort of accountability?”

“Having searched in several countries of the world, it had to be written that there was no evidence of corruption [against me].”

He maintained that he respected every institution of Pakistan, noting that he made the country a nuclear-capable state.

“I have immense respect for ‘Ghazis’ and ‘Shuhada’ of Pakistani forces in my heart,” the former premier said. “The martyrs sacrificed their lives today for our tomorrow.”

He said that they greatly loved these ‘Ghazis’ and ‘Shuhada’, and they could sacrifice everything for these sons of the soil.

Nawaz, however, said that he had set out bearing the flag of “give respect to vote.”

“I’m coming to pay off the debt of the nation that thrice elected me the prime minister,” he said.

He said that those talking about political asylum must listen that he is returning to Pakistan as he cannot leave the nation alone.

I cannot leave the nation in the final mission to restore sanctity of the vote, he added.

Sharif went on to say that the verdict of the accountability court is the second episode of the July 28 judgement of the Supreme Court against them, adding that he was contesting the case to show the real face of justice to people.

“The people of Pakistan have once again seen the ‘real face’ of justice,” he added.

The former PM said: “I, my daughter and son-in-law were convicted despite no charges of corruption were proved against them, adding that the decision to punish them was taken somewhere else.”

“Those who convicted Maryam Nawaz have disgraced the daughters of entire nation,” he added.

Sharif further said that he was disqualified for not taking imaginary salary from his son.

The PML-N supremo said that the faces of those behind the JIT will be exposed, adding that a game was being played with the country’s fate to get desired results from the forthcoming general elections.

“I remained premier but what about her (Maryam Nawaz), she never held a public office,” asked Nawaz about his daughter Maryam Nawaz.

The PML-N supremo said that he had decided to return to the country even if his wife Kalsoom Nawaz I was ailing, and added: “I owe to the nation that has thrice elected me as a prime minister.”

He claimed that there were two standards of justice for him and ‘beloved’, in an apparent reference to his arch-rival, PTI chief Imran Khan.

The former premier further said that


Entire country put on stake to oppose Nawaz Sharif: Maryam


LONDON: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday condemned Tuesday’s suicide attack on a rally of Awami National Party which resulted in the martyrdom of Haroon Bilour. 

Sspeaking to the media in London, Maryam lamented the death of Haroon Bilour, who among 20 people was killed in a suicide attack in Peshawar’s Yakatoot area on Tuesday night.

“May Allah grant him a place in jannat and give courage to his family to bear this loss,” she said, commending the Bilour family for their courage. 

“They are very brave people. Despite threats to their lives, they are peaceful. Yesterday I heard his son. My thoughts are with them,” she said. 

To a question, Maryam said she hasn’t heard anything about Abu Dhabi meeting. 

The PML-N leader said that it indicates that Nawaz Sharif is winning and such attacks are being attempted to stop him, adding that the entire country has been put on stake to oppose Nawaz Sharif. 

She said the PML-N was being targeted because its opponents know that the party is going to win the July 25 elections.

“What is happening these days didn’t even happen during the dictatorship,” Maryam told reporters in London on Wednesday.

When asked about securing pre-arrest bail before her arrival, she said her lawyers were looking into the matter.