HAFIZABAD : Villagers of Tauheed Nagar, Kot Nawan and other adjoining villages located along Kot Nakka Canal Branch have expressed their resentment over the theft of canal water by influential landlords thereby depriving small growers of their due share of canal water.

They said that in collusion with the officials of Canal Department, the influential landlords were pilfering precious irrigational water from the canal and inflicting huge loss to the national exchequer. They said that due to theft of canal water, the water was not reaching tail-end areas. They demanded inquiry against the officials of Irrigation Department at whose behest canal water was being stolen.

On the other hand, locals of Hafizabad district have called upon the Federal Minister for Railway Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad to approve the stop of Sir Syed Express at Hafizabad. They said that the new express train has been started operation from Rawalpindi to Karachi but the commuters of the area have been ignored to travel on this express train for Karachi and Rawalpindi.