The increasing population is a problem for the whole world. It has now become a chronic debate which is not only a social but also a political obstacle. According to the United Nations report, the world’s current population (7.7 billion) is predicted to reach (9.7 billion) by 2050.

Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Egypt, and the United States are major contributors to this projected growth. Pakistan is moving up to fifth from the eighth position with current 217 million of population which is expected to reach 403 million.

The main reasons for this overpopulation in Pakistan are illiteracy, early marriages, the desire of the male child, polygamy, and lack of government’s lack of population planning policies. Illiteracy is perhaps the major cause. The illiterate families are unaware and don’t know that the problem of overpopulation exists. Early marriages in almost all rural areas of Pakistan has become a traditional norm causing high births rate. Similarly, the male child is considered pride of the family in rural areas, which increases the births rate.

The impacts of overpopulation include low economic growth, unemployment, poor management, and many social evils. Pakistan’s economy has nearly sunk with plethora of obstructions including IMF loans and now the problem of increasing overpopulation is also around the corner. The government of Pakistan must strongly look into the matter and take some concrete steps to avoid the malaise of increasing population which is restricting the progress of Pakistan.