LAHORE   -  Kashmir, after gaining the spotlight following their win at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ season two, is back again to give its fans and followers a major mood uplift with their original song Bhaago.

The song was performed live during the second episode of the ongoing BOB season. After being released digitally, the soundtrack is going strong all over social media and people love the upbeat and uplifting track which has a very serious and thought provoking narrative hidden behind it.

With its easy and simple lyrics, the audacious song hits you hard. Not only does it encourage the ones dejected to give a swift kick to all kinds of negativity in their lives, but also makes us ponder over our behavior with those who are sad, sending us in a state of self-realization. The core message behind the song sure gives you food for thought - we are there for our loved ones in their happy, celebratory times, but when those same people go through times of turmoil, we decide to avoid them to keep their negativity away from us.  With a very strong narrative and on point musical composition, Bhaago is a remarkable original by Kashmir, comprising of Bilal Ali as the singer-songwriter, Usman Siddiqui at the bass, Zair Zaki as the rhythm guitarist, Shane J.Anthoney on the drums, Vais Khan as the lead guitarist and Ali Raza on the keyboard.