Now that the World Cup has ended for the Pakistan cricket team, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced a shake-up pending a report on the team’s performance at the tournament. While the team began the World Cup abysmally, it managed to recover at the later stages of the group round, but it was too late to make the knockout stages. However, to say that the Pakistan team performed poorly would be a misnomer; with India knocked out by New Zealand and Australia looking like they might just collapse against a stronger England side, the public and PCB must remember that Pakistan ended the undefeated streak of one finalist and soundly beat the other.

The PCB has not revealed the steps it is looking to take, or who it wants to replace, but there are reports that the team management, selection and coaching will be under scrutiny in this review. We can only hope for the sake of the team, that Mickey Arthur and Sarfaraz Ahmed will be retained as Coach and Captain respectively. Mickey Arthur has brought a new spirit into this team and judging by the injection of youth in recent years, him staying at the helm is important for the improvement of these youngsters. Shaheen Shah Afridi’s performance in this tournament is testament to what the coach is trying to build – after being dropped and brought into the team mid-tournament, the nineteen-year-old Afridi took some of the World Cup’s very important wickets.

Beyond the management there are other decisions that the PCB must take as well. Following the end of Shoaib Malik’s career, and the expected retirement of Muhammad Hafeez from one day internationals, bringing newcomers into the team that can perform consistently is of the utmost importance. Pakistan did not make it to the semi-finals, but the future of the team is not as bleak as many would make it out to be. Not panicking and letting the coaching staff keep improving the team will help in bringing future laurels to the country.