BAJAUR - Like the rest of the country, the Annual Examinations of students of Religious Schools have started in all across Bajaur district here on Saturday.

Coordinator, Wafaq-ul-Madaras Al-Arabia Maulana Zakirullah, said on Saturday that as in the rest of the country, 3,935 students are appearing for examinations in 28 examination centers with full SOPs in Bajaur tribal district.

Examination centers have first washed and sprayed with a sanitizer and the temperature of each participating student is being checked. Every participant must wear a mask during the exam, he informed. While the supervisory staff at the examination centers arrange for the students to sit at a distance of six feet, he added.

This year, the time allotted for the papers has been fixed at three hours, from 7.00 am to 10.00 am, Maulana Zakirulah said, adding, “Students studying outside Bajaur district were also taking exams here due to which we have arranged two new examination centers for them which are located at Jamia Madinat-ul-Ulum Noikle and Jamia Riaz-ul-Ulum Bara Cheena Gayi.