In occupied Kashmir, Hurriyat authority counting Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and others have offered to the individuals of the domain to watch total shutdown nowadays to reaffirm the vow to proceed the mission of the struggling people till the accomplishment of the basic right to self-determination.

The APHC representative in a articulation issued in Srinagar said that on 13th July 1931, when it was time for Namaz-e-Zuhr, a youthful man, begun the call for supplication (Azaan) but was shot dead by the Maharaja’s soldiers. Thus, 22 youth yielded their lives till the completion of Azaan.

The Hurriyet leader said the point of the strike call is to push the pressing require for a serene and fair arrangement to the Kashmir debate and to conclusion the cycle of abuse against the Hurriyat pioneers and the Kashmiri people. He too requested for a walk towards the Mazar-e-Shuhada, Naqshband Sahib in Srinagar on the day where the saints of 1931 are buried. 

It may be reviewed that on the 13th of July 1931, the troops of Dogra Maharaja had murdered 22 Kashmiris exterior Central Imprison in Srinagar amid the court procedures against Abdul Qadeer, who had inquired Kashmiri individuals to oppose the Dogra rule.