Federal minister for Water Assets Faisal Vawda has unveiled that the minister of People’s Party has given the JIT report to Ali Zaidi.

According to media reports Faisal Vawda said that Ali Zaidi is the concerned individual he knows way better than me, concurring to my data the current People’s Party serve gave him the portion of JIT report.

On the other side Ali Zaidi said that he did not get any report from any People groups party serve. He further said that 'I am a known lawmaker, numerous individuals know my domestic address. May be that individual gave the JIT report who gave the will of Benazir to Asif Ali Zardari, he included.

I am prepared for the review of the records, but will the People’s Party is planning to confirm the Benazir’s letter. The Sindh government discharged the fake report and the genuine report comprised of 43 pages.