ISLAMABAD - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P), despite the assurance of the ruling party to resolve the matter, will stage sit-in outside the parliament on Tuesday, over the alleged mismanagement in K-Electric. “MQM-P will stage token sit-in outside the parliament on issues related to load-shedding, overbilling and non-upgradation of transmission system,” said MQM-P’s senior MNA/ MQM-P spokesman Amin Ulhaq, talking to The Nation. The K-Electric matter has continuously been discussed in the parliament for two days. The political parties mainly form Sindh have strongly raised concerns in the parliament for not resolving the issues related to Sindh. MQM-P’s spokesperson said that the party would stage token sit-in outside the parliament to express their reservations against K-Electric matter. “Overbilling, load-shedding and non-upgradations of obsolete and faulty system are the main concerns about K-Electric,” he said, adding that the faulty system should be upgraded as soon as possible. “These three issues of obsolete system, overbilling and load-shedding are directly creating an adverse impact on the economy as well,” he said, mentioning that the K-Electric issues should have been resolved in the previous governments. To a question, MQM-P spokesman said that a delegation from ruling party [PTI] held meeting with them giving assurance to take measures to resolve the issue. ‘’We have planned our sit-in around a week ago, the decision will not be reverted,” he said. The National Assembly sessuib had also seen rumpus throughout the proceedings as parliamentarians from treasury and opposition locked horns on K-Electric. The PTI’s government, in its stance, had blamed the previous government for creating a mess in K-Electric.