ISLAMABAD              -          X-Men: Days Of Future Past has arrived on Disney+, becoming the first live-action movie in its franchise to do so. The streamer has declined to censored either the profanity or the nudity contained in the film, which is rated PG-13. At one point Hugh Jackman’s character Wolverine bares his derriere, and at another point he is told by James McAvoy’s Professor X to ‘F*** off.’ Both instances of adult content were allowed to remain in the 2014 movie when it debuted on Disney+. In past instances Disney+ has been stricter about regulating profanity on the website, in keeping with the company’s family-friendly brand. Nudity has also been a sticking point previously, with the A.V. Club noting that the film Splash originally showed Daryl Hannah’s bare rear, but that in the Disney+ version her hair was digitally lengthened to protect her modesty.