RAWALPINDI - President of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Punjab, Ahsan Rashid Wednesday said that about 20,000 party workers and leaders from Rawalpindi and Islamabad would participate in the lawyers' long march for restoration of judiciary. He was addressing a press conference here at Rawalpindi Press Club. Secretary General of PTI, Punjab, Amin Zaki and some local leaders of the party were also present on the occasion. Ahsan Rashid told the journalists that central president of PTI Imran Khan has reached the homeland from the visit of UK. He would join the long march at Lahore and would accompany it to Islamabad. He said that the workers of PTI would not allow any one to sabotage the long march. The PTI leader demanded of the government to remove all the barricades and containers laid down by government officials on the route of long march to prevent the rally. He said that the PTI would set up camps at major points of the city by Thursday to welcome long march and to mobilise the people to take part in it actively. "Parliament is the main hurdle in the way of restoration of deposed judges and the purpose of long march is to mount pressure on it and force the Prime Minister to ratify an executive order for the reinstatement of judges", he added. Rashid said that President Musharraf used to say in the past that he would quit his office when people would not like him. Now he should resign as neither public love him nor he has any further role to play in current scenario. He was of the view that at present Pakistan is passing through so many crises simultaneously just because of non-presence of strong judiciary in the country. "Co-Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari does not want to restore deposed judges as Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued stay order against NRO-2007 due to which all the corruption cases against the apex leader of PPP were written off", he added. He said that it was the bad luck of the country that during last 60 years, judiciary always remained under the hand of tyrants and legitimised their illegal steps under the doctrine of necessity. However, for the first time Iftikhar Chaudhary took strong stance opposing the dictator. His dare refusal to President Musharraf made him hero in eyes of the nation.