The miserable condition of DHQ hospital Chitral invites the attention of concerned authorities as it lacks basic health facilities essential for the existence of any healthcare center. People from far-flung areas of the district bring their patients here for proper treatment, but they are confronted with a general lack of interest by hospital staff. Medical and para-medical staff of the hospital show indifferent attitude towards their patients. Ordinary cases are referred to Peshawar, which cause great trouble for the patients. People who visit this hospital, are usually poor, who cannot afford the expenditure of travelling to Peshawar. Rich people always prefer districts hospitals and private clinics, therefore they do not need to visit government hospitals. DHQ hospital Chitral lacks modern equipments. Laboratory equipments are especially out-dated. Medical officers of the hospital don't trust their laboratory reports and advise the patients to go to nearby private laboratory for tests. Clean wards, washrooms and offices always help reduce the suffering of the patients. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, June 9.