KARACHI - Kurram Agency Talba Action Committee Karachi on Wednesday demanded the government to provide basic life commodities, food items and medicines to Parachinar as were provided in Sawat and Waziristan. Around 0.5 million people, living the Parachinar city, are facing shortage of basic commodities and food items. These views were expressed by the president of the action committee, Azmat Ali, while speaking at a protest held at Karachi Press Club. According to press release, the protest was held to denounce the invasion of local Taliban on the Parachinar, claiming hundreds of lives of innocent people for last few years on account of sectarian violence.He said that local Taliban was hatching the sectarian conspiracy against the country to attain their anti-state objectives. "Now Parachinar ha become a pool of blood as groups of Jihadi militants, belonging to different parts of FATA and NWFP especially from Wazirstan, use their fatal weapons on the valley of Parachinar. These anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan militants want to defame the religion and country," he said. He demanded the government to provide foolproof security on main Parachinar Thall road so that citizens, including students, employees and patients could move easily for their lively hood.