ISLAMABAD - A total of Rs 28269 million was allocated on Wednesday for Defense Affairs and Services in the budget 2008-2009 against Rs 25152 million, allocated last year. The total size of the outlay Rs 28269 million reflects an increase of Rs 3117 million or 11 per cent as against the size of that of last year. The increase is mere a numerical which actually is the rate of inflation and devaluation, the annual budget for defense has been calculated. The announcement made by the Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani few days ago that the Defence budget has been frozen to 2007-2008 level was in actual terms the rate of inflation and devaluation that reflects increase in the outlay for the year 2008-2009. Of the total Defence outlay, Rs. 26770 million have been earmarked for the current expenditure while Rs. 1499 million shows the development expenditures. The 2007-2008 Defence estimates for current expenditures to the tune of Rs.24540 million were revised to Rs.26106 million while Rs.612 million for development were revised to Rs.569 million. The total demand-wise Defence expenditures for budget estimates for 2008-2009 are; for Defence Division Rs.2, 201 million, Meteorology Rs.395 million, Survey of Pakistan Rs.394 million, Federal government Educational Institutions in Cantonments and Garrisons Rs.1, 742 million, Defence Services Rs.295, 307 million and Defence Production Division Rs.421 million.