Please refer to Mrs Naheed Hadi's letter appearing in The Nation titled "Flawed reservation" dated June 1, 2008. An investigation carried out on the basis of this letter revealed the following facts: A reservation was made on PK 709 of 11 April, 2008 on Mach 30, 2008 through PIA's Booking Office Lahore and the same was done without any delay. On the return flight i.e., Manchester to Lahore, the flight schedule was changed and all passengers were informed accordingly. Dr Abdul Hadi and Mrs Naheed Hadi could not be informed, as their local contact number of Manchester was not available. As far as availability of seats on flight PK 710 of May 16, 2008 from Manchester to Lahore is concerned, seats were available due to low season on this flight and these passengers obtained instant seat confirmation/booking on their request made on April 2, 2008. PIA regrets the inconvenience caused to its valued passengers. -BASHIR AHMAD, Deputy General Manager, Public Relations PIA, Lahore, June 11.