LAHORE - Iran is an Islamic state and believes that since atomic weapons can kill millions of people, they are against the spirit of Shariat. Iran will never go for atomic weapons and is pursuing its nuclear programme for the development of its people. Member Parliament of Iran Dr Ali Muthari stated this while speaking to the media at a seminar held at a local hotel on Wednesday. "About the western propaganda that Iran may be attacked is not possible. Iran is not Iraq and the Iranians are filled with the spirit of Jehad and martyrdom. Each child of the country would stand up to defend it. Iran is self-sufficient in arms and ammunition and the enemy dare not attack it".  "Saddam was instigated by other countries to attack Iran and they gave him the latest weapons and technology to use in the attack. It was Iran against Saddam and all the other countries behind him. For eight years we fought the war and yielded not even a single inch of land," Muthari said. He said there were misperceptions about Iman Khomeini's statement about exporting the revolution. "The west made propaganda out of that statement. Imam wanted the thinking to be exported. Imam wanted all Muslim states to come out of the net of exploitation of west as sovereign states and unite. "The west makes propaganda that Islam is against development. Iran after the revolution proved that it was not so. Iran has made great strides in development than any other Muslim country. And we have done everything indigenously whether it is nuclear technology, automobile industry, pharmaceutical or any other sector," he explained. About the rights of women Muthari said women in Iran are working in every field of life and hold important posts. "Unlike the west that has made woman a showpiece and a commodity Iran has honoured and given equal rights to its women. The women work in every field and also play their due role in homes that is the family system is very much intact," he said. He was of the view that Muslims should raise voice against the treatment of women in west as they are not given equal rights there and are treated as a commercial commodity. He also dismissed the western propaganda that women in Iran were not allowed to divorce. Muthari said the human rights situation in Iran was very good. "They blow up small news and try to malign the good system. The jails in Iran have all facilities and the people in jail can even get leave to spend time with their families. "On the other hand see the situation in west in places like Guantanamo Bay where Muslims are being tortured and given inhuman treatment," he said. "The world powers fear the Iranian revolution that it may not challenge their so called superiority. The Iranian government before revolution wanted to bring in bring in Jewish and Christian culture in Iran. They promoted Iranian nationalism just like the nationalism was and is being promoted in Arabs, Egypt and Turkey. It is a conspiracy to divide ummah. Holy Quran is very clear about it and does not allow promotion of different nationalities. Only that is superior to other who is good Muslim and better educated. "The Iranian society before revolution was divided into two sections. One comprising of Shah and his accomplices who were rich and held all power and the other were the people of Iran, who were poor. It all changed after the revolution. "Before revolution there was no freedom of expression. Anyone who spoke against the Shah was jailed. Now there is complete freedom of expression. The newspaper are free to criticise the government and they do that. "The standard of living of Iranians is high and not much below that of west. After the revolution the standard of living has improved by at least 500 percent. "Before revolution Iran had no sovereignty and all decisions were taken by the USA. Today Iran perhaps is the only country that takes decisions on its own. Iran has become important and no decision is possible without its consent especially in the Middle East," he said.