LONDON (AFP) - The wife of one of the failed 2005 London suicide bombers was found guilty Wednesday of failing to tell the police about the terrorist plot. Yeshi Girma, 32, knew her husband Hussain Osman was planning to unleash carnage in the failed July 21, 2005 attacks and could have stopped the attempted bombings, England's Old Bailey central criminal court heard. Girma, who has three children by Osman, was found guilty by a jury of having information about terrorism and "without reasonable excuse" failing to disclose it. She was also convicted for assisting an offender and failing to disclose information about Osman's involvement in the plot. Girma helped Osman flee and destroyed evidence from the couple's south London home, the police said. Girma's brother Esayas, her sister Mulumebet and her sister's boyfriend Mohamed Kabashi were all convicted of aiding Osman after the bungled attack. They are all awaiting sentence. The jury cleared Kabashi's two Brighton flatmates, Shadi Abdelgadir and Omer Almagboul, but as illegal overstayers in Britain, they will be deported to Sudan.