KARACHI - City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has said that city government is committed to create maximum recreational and entertainment facilities for the citizens but due to the importance of other civic issues such as water, sewerage, transport, health, education and development works our main focus to improve the civic amenities for the citizens. City Nazim expressed this while inaugurating the 'Mini Golf Club' at Safari Park on Wednesday. On that occasion Provincial minister Adil Siddiqui, Gulshan-e-Iqbal town nazim Wasay Jalil, naib town nazim Shoaib Akhtar, EDO Community Development (CDD) Reehana Saif were also present. "At the same time despite meagre resources with the help of private public partnership various recreational facilities are also being provided to the citizens by CDGK, while number of recreational projects under preparation. The Mini Golf is the third addition of Go Aish Adventure Park and Go Asih Junior. Mustafa Kamal said that entertainment facilities are being gradually increased in Safari Park for the visitors. He said that Safair Park is one of the biggest park of the city where CDGK can not develop it by its own resources therefore, it has been decided that Safari Park to be develop through collaboration of private sector. He said that Mini Golf Club would prove another fun for the citizens at Safari Park, where already Chair lift, Safari Coach, Children Train, Go Aish Adventure Park are providing marvellous entertainment and fun to the citizens. Later city nazim Mustafa Kamal hit the Golf ball to inaugurate the new entertainment addition at Safari Park.