Ottawa Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights council's Chairman & Secretary General Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib today met with South Asia Human Right Council President Dr Hue F. Fung and talked with him about the restrictions against Kashmiri leadership to travel outside India. He called on him to raise this issue with other human rights organizations of Canada and US. He also briefed him about the mass graves found in the Indian held Kashmir, which showed clear brutality by the Indian armed forces in Kashmir. In a joint letter to Prime minister of India and Pakistan, both leaders called on them to solve the Kashmir issue with the consultation of the leadership of Kashmir. They requested both leaders to give free access to all Kashmiri leaders and asked India to stop putting restrictions on Syed Ali Shah Gilani, Sheikh Abdul Aziz and Syed Shabir Shah. They called on Indian government to give travel documents to Sheikh Abdul Aziz and other leaders to travel in the two wings of Kashmir. Meanwhile, both leaders demanded from the United Nations to send an investigating team to see the mass graves and let the world know what exactly happened in that part of the World. -SAEED MIRZA MIRPURI, Ottawa, Canada, via e-mail, June 9.