Makhdoom Yousaf Raza Gilani may be a spiritual leader with a large following in his home town and he may have a thumping mandate in the Parliament but he has to seek approval from the co-chairman of his party in all important (and unimportant) matters. Mr. Zardari seems to be the man running the affairs of the country. Preceding Mr Gilani we had a Prime Minister in Mr Somroo who was a faithful appointee of the President and took his dictation directly from the President's camp. The two PML Q Prime Ministers of the recent past were also mere puppets of the President. Their job was to obey their mentor, come what may. In the past we have had examples of Mr Junejo who was a devotee of Peer Pagaro and was leased to the then president and the Chief of Army Staff for obeisance. Even Benazir Bhutto had to accept GIK as President and V.A. Jafari as finance minister during her tenure as PM. She had to assure the establishment that she would not interfere in the foreign policy and the on going nuclear program. The country can now at least demand a Prime Minister who can make decision for the people independently and work for their betterment of the masses that have elected him. -DR FUAD SHAFIQ, Lahore, via e-mail, June 2.