KARACHI - The industrialists of the country have expressed mix reaction over the federal budget and showed their strong reservation on the increase of General Sales Tax to 16 percent from existing rate of 15 percent. Terming the budget pro poor and pro agriculture, the business community said that overall budget could be called good and it is according with the present economic scenario. The representatives of various trade bodies such as Federal Pakistan Chamber and Commerce, KCCI  and other industrial estates of the city on Wednesday while talking with the media expressed their views just after the presentation of federal budget in National Assembly. Shamim Shamsi president of KCCI, representative of FPCCI Zubair Motiwala, Siraj Qasim Teliwa and other industrialists said the federal budget was over all good and according to the wishes of the people who living below the poverty line. Opposing the step of increase in the GST to 16 percent, the business tycoons remarked that this will resulted the cost of doing of business which already jumped due to continuous price hike of patroleum products and decrease in the value of Pakistani ruppe. They also demanded that rather than increase in the rate in the GST, government should made reduction in the Gneral Sales Tax from present level of 15 percent to 12 percent. praising the steps for the improvement and enhancement of agriculture sector which announced in the federal budget, the representratives of business community said inflation has risen to double digit and increase in the agriculture product was necessary to cater the price hike and shortage of food items. The industrialists were also fully fsupport the step of government to increasfe duty rate on the import of luxury items such as dairy products, fruits, chewing gum, chocolate processed food, fruits, juices, air conditioners/refrigerators, and luxurious vehicles. They also praise the relief package announced for the poor population of the country.