ISLAMABAD (APP) - Amnesty International, a London- based human rights watchdog, has urged the Indian government to allow the UN Special Representative on Extra Judicial Summary Execution to visit Occupied Kashmir for making spot study of cases of fake encounters and extra judicial killings in the territory. According to KMS, the Amnesty International in a statement expressed serious concern over the recent killing of three Kashmiri youth in a fake encounter in Machil by Indian Army on April 30. The three youth, who had gone missing on April 28, were labelled as infiltrators by the troops after killing them in the staged encounter. It said that following widespread protests, the bodies of the three were exhumed last week. The Amnesty International said that the government of India and occupation authorities needed to ensure that all persons suspected of involvement in the Machil killings including the troopers and army officers irrespective of rank, were brought to justice as per international standards of fairness. It also urged Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, to fulfil his promise of zero tolerance to human rights violations in the occupied territory by the troops. The HR watchdog also urged the authorities to issue an order to unequivocally ban all extra judicial, summary and arbitrary executions and clarify that such acts would not be tolerated.