ISLAMABAD Pakistan is likely to subscribe to yet another aid package in the coming August under the controversial CAP aid programme as the ongoing humanitarian response plan is 'destined to meet a miserable fate next month, TheNation learnt reliably. With only 28 days remaining for the Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan to meet its term, the Government is all set to get another 'Consolidated Appeal launched by the United Nations, thanks to Pakistans longstanding addiction to foreign aid. It is not yet clear whether a separate full-fledged appeal under Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) would be launched or the existing response plan would be reviewed. The six-month PHRP 2010 expiring on the coming July 9 is currently funded at only $158 million of $537 million (30 percent). Last year on September 21, the United Nations had reviewed PHRP 2009 from $542 million to $680 million through Flash Appeal. The move was quite justifiable in the wake of the launch of military operation in South Waziristan then and Flash Appeal signified the emergence of extreme catastrophic situation triggered by the displacement of over 1.3 million internally displaced persons, other than those of 1.4 million of Swat and Malakand Division. This year, the Government again wants the UN to either review the humanitarian aid package or to launch a new appeal following the footsteps of last years Flash Appeal completely overlooking the fact that the existing appeal is Consolidated Appeal in its nature, which is part of CAP and was launched in a highly disputed manner, the details of which have been published in this newspaper on several prior occasions. Moreover, the Government wants UN to reconsider this years humanitarian plan citing the fresh displacements of Hunza affectees as key pertinent factor. Intensive deliberations between UN officials and some powerful slot holders in the Government have been underway of late. It is recall worthy that a key official of National Disaster Management Authority had sometime back hinted about the arrival of a 'fresh humanitarian appeal under infamous CAP. The same official, with slight reluctance, somehow confirmed to this journalist on Saturday that the launch of new humanitarian appeal was on the cards. He said that the UN, so far, had not given a positive response to the Government in this particular matter in the backdrop of the cold attitude of irked donors towards Pakistan, courtesy its continuous reliance on disputed aid packages.