ISLAMABAD - Retired Army colonel and his cook got bullet injuries, when some dacoits tried to plunder the valuable items from his house at Sector 1/8 here on Friday, police said. According to details, three armed dacoits stormed into the house of Col (Retd) Shafqat Hussain, which is situated in Sector 1/8/3. Police said that the dacoits managed to enter the house via kitchen. Meanwhile, the officers cook showed strong resistance and tried to halt bandits. On this, they opened fire on him. Police said that on hearing gunshots, the colonel rushed to the kitchen and he too got injures. Meanwhile, the bandits fled from scene through a white corolla. Police informed that colonels cook, Muhammad Khan received two bullet injures as one bullet hit his belly and one shoulder. While Mr Shafqat, who is presently serving in OGDCL as its security incharge, received one bullet fire on his leg. Later, both injured were taken to the Shifa Hospital. According to police, cook condition is said to be in precarious conditions. Case has been registered with Industrial Area Police Station against unknown bandits.