The risks involved in construction of the high and too-far-removed Bhasha dam have been made obvious by the recent closure of Karakoram Highway due to severe inundation caused by the newly-formed Hunza Lake. The building of a new 40 km stretch of road in a highly seismic area prone to landslides is going to be very challenging. The way Hunza River has sleighted across the entire expanse ought to ring alarm bells in the ivory towers where the Basha dam is being planned. What happens in the event of road closures like this for prolonged periods? The delay in movement of heavy machinery to the site in view of unforeseen road blockades is a possibility the dam planners ought to open their eyes to. The Kalabagh dam site has no such hazards and the engineers are unlikely to face the whole heap of problems they might in case of going for construction of the Basha dam. Perhaps our planners could be convinced somehow that it is time, even now, to start working simultaneously on the Kalabagh dam as well. It might surprise some to know that if started alongside Bhasha, it could be completed much earlier as the Kalabagh site is located in a much more accessible part of the country. Time to have a purely nationalistic approach shorn of provincial prejudices and political expediency. Too bad that is exactly what is lacking in our ruling coalition -Dr M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, June 9.