At least 10 people have been killed in Karachi during the last 48 hours. The toll in the ongoing target killings rose to 10 as one more political activist became victim of the recent wave of violence, a private TV reported. Muhammad Rizwan was shot dead in an attack in New Karachi when two motorcyclists sprayed him with bullets. Angry protesters in Sector 5 E torched a bus during protest. At least ten people fall prey to targeted killing in Karachi during the last 48 hours. Omar Badshah was killed in the area of Gulshan Myamar near Afghan check post. Muhammad Al-Hassan, an area administrator was gunned down near Gol market Nazimabad. 40-year-old Sher Islam was gunned down in precincts of Ferozabad Police Station. An unidentified youth was killed when gunmen opened fire on him. 35-year-old Khurshid was gunned down in the area of Gulshan Askari. According to police Khurshid was killed due to personal enmity. A dead body of a lady was recovered in Sohrab Got area near Nadir Hospital. Several unidentified persons killed Nazir Hussain. The law enforcing agencies have apprehended at least a dozen suspected people from different areas in Karachi in connection with the target killings.