LAHORE - A poster competition at the Government College University (GCU) on Friday echoed with an urgent call to conserve the diversity of life on the earth. Above 200 students took part in the contest organised by the GCUs Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC) on the theme of 'Many Species, One Planet, One Future. The posters highlighted that the world without biodiversity would be a very bleak place. Millions of people and millions of species all share the same planet, and only together we can enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. Talking to media, SDSC Director Dr Aminul Haq said that humans were risking their own survival by destroying the natural habitats of million of species. He said that according to a United Nations report around 17,291 species were known to be threatened with extinction. He said that 2010 had been declared as the year of conserving biodiversity, but in this year incidents like oil leakage in the Gulf of Mexico had hit the biodiversity the most. He said that nothing much had been done in Pakistan to save biodiversity, adding that the aim of GCU SDSC behind arranging the poster competitions, seminars and workshops on environmental issues was to connect the youth with the nature and make them responsible habitants of the earth. Talking about the competition, event coordinator Laila Sha-hzad said that the competition showed that at least Pakistani students were well-aware of the environmental issues. She said that one of the significant reasons for arranging the competition was to highlight the recent calamity of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill which might be growing five times faster than previously estimated and was in danger of accelerating out of control.