LAHORE - Officials of the city district government and towns have caused severe damage to the electricity supply lines of various localities of the City as they have initiated a campaign of removing the billboards, signboards and banners on Thursday that has created massive nuisance for the Lahorites due to suspension of electricity. The campaign was launched on the directions of district coordination officer in order to avoid any mishap due to expected windstorms and rains during the upcoming monsoon season. Assigned by TMOs of the city, a number of teams were made comprising of the officials of the towns accompanied by the workers of departments concerned of CDG and Parks and Horticulture Authority. Each team will be headed by the DDO and other officers. The officials deputed for the said purpose removed hundreds of illegally installed billboards and banners from almost all the major roads and residential localities of the City. However, it was witnessed during the campaign that the officials were removing signboards and banners recklessly without caring that any mishap could occur and their way of working could cause severe injuries to the people gathered around them. Some of the transformers also damaged due to the carelessness while removing the billboards that has caused loss of million of rupees. Some of the citizens of various residential areas and the officials of CDG received minor injuries during the campaign. Moreover, a number of people complained to the administrators of their concerned UCs that the officials were removing the signboard and banners installed on trees, electricity poles and walls, improperly which caused damage to the walls of their houses, branches of trees and electricity wires. Reportedly, the electricity remained suspended in many residential and commercial areas all the day after the electricity wires got damaged during the campaign. Some rusty electricity poles also fell down when the officials pulled down banners and billboards fixed on them. However, instead of giving relief to the people the ill-planned campaign multiplied their misery as they faced massive loadshedding that caused loss to their business particularly the workers and owners of cottage industry situated in residential localities. At the same time Lesco officials also remained busy in restoring the electricity supply in such areas while the residents kept on visiting Lesco offices for registering their complaints in this regard.